We recommend waiting 24 hours for light traffic. This includes: walking on the new Epoxy floor.

We recommend waiting 48 hours before you can bring items back into your work area. This includes: placing items on the floor. Be careful not to drag items across the new Epoxy floor which might mar the new floor surface.

We recommend waiting 72 hours before you can bring back heavy machinery and equipment back into your work area. This includes: hi-low, tool boxes, automobiles, and appliances.

Please use a mild abrasive cleaner that does not contain chlorine (chlorine will break down the Epoxy).

Clean as often as necessary. Use a broom to remove dust and dirt. Your new Epoxy floor can be washed down with a hose and water. Removing the water from your Epoxy floor can be made easier with the use of a squeegee. Caution: floor may be slippery when wet.

**Regular cleaning will ensure long life to your new Epoxy floor.

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