Professionally Installed & Guaranteed
Professionally Installed & Guaranteed
We provide high quality floor coatings to meet the
needs of all our customers
We provide high quality floor coating to meet the
needs of all our customers
Long Term
Long Term
Color Retention
Color Retention
Long Term
Long Term
Color Retention
Color Retention
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Welcome to Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings offers a complete assortment of high performance floor coating systems for the protection and beautification of concrete floor surfaces. Chemical and abrasion resistant, the coatings provide durable floor protection at industrial and commercial facilities from chemicals, water and the abrasive effects of foot, vehicular and rolling equipments. From repairing eroded concrete to providing protection for new concrete surfaces Epoxy Floor coatings offers you a choice of features to match your project needs. Whatever your type of business, Epoxy Floor Coatings delivers high performance floor systems that protect your valuable assets and your bottom line.


– Trained Industrial Representatives
– Highly abrasion resistant
– Chemical and moisture resistant coatings
– Long term color retention
– Decorative & Durable
– Quick cure systems
– High solids coatings
– Self-leveling high build coatings

Visual Effect

– Color & design assistance
– Smooth “tile like” finishes
– Brilliant high gloss finish
– Large color assortment
– Decorative quartz systems
– Non-yellowing clear finishes


– Reliable color & systems selection
– Long lasting systems
– Protection from harsh exposures
– Floors maintain their appearance
– Easy maintenance seamless flooring
– Fast return to service of a floor
– Fewer coats, less costs
– Resurface & repair worn concrete

Our Services

– Professionally Installed & Guaranteed
– Armor Clad Garage Floor Surfaces
– Low Maintenance Flooring
– Custom Decorative Floor Finishes
– Restore Old & Protect New Concrete
– Protect from Chemical & Abrasions

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