Available Chip Colors

We offer a wide range of color chip colors as well as pre-made blends!

All our standard chips are 1/4″ in size. We also have 1/16″ micro-chips available in all colors. Limited colors are available in the 1″ Random size, which means they chips start off as 1″, then upon mixing they get broken down so the sizes end up ranging from 1/32″ to 1″ in the end. At check out you will be prompted to select size:

Broadcast Options

*Example Below Consists Of Medium Gray Base Coat With Midnight Blend 1/4″ Color Chips

Light Sprinkle
Approx. 1 pound per 250 sq/ft

Med. Broadcast
Approx. 2 pounds per 250 sq/ft

Heavy Broadcast
Approx. 3-4 pounds per 250 sq/ft

Full Broadcast
Approx. 25 pounds per 250 sq/ft

*NOTE* If you plan to use microchips (1/16″), double the amount of chips used for desired coverage. For example, a light sprinkle will now require 2 pounds per 250 sq/ft., a medium broadcast will require 4 pounds per 250 sq/ft., etc.

Pre-Made Blends

Black Marble
Item #300

Harley Mix
Item #301

Electric Blue Blend
Item #302

Dark Earth Tone
Item #303

Black Marble Sparkle
Item #304

Item #305

Light Earth Tone
Item #306

Wine Barrel Blend
Item #307

New Camouflage
Item #308

Autumn Brown
Item #309

Desert Sand
Item #310

Item #311

Dark Earth Tone Sparkle
Item #312

Harley Chrome
Item #315